Understand The Process

individualized approach

At RMA of Southern California, every patient of ours is different, and we take a personalized approach customizing each patient’s fertility treatment plans. Most of the treatment plans are based on various factors including lifestyle, personal preferences, medical history, and schedule. We believe in providing comprehensive fertility care to everyone, to be able to give each patient the highest pregnancy success and treat patients as a whole is our patient care philosophy.

Our physicians, embryologists and nursing team are fully trained and highly skilled professionals, and our in-house surgery center and IVF laboratory have the most advanced equipment and technology. We maintain the same highest standard as the RMA Centers in other locations. RMA Centers have helped many couples, single parents, members of the LGTBQ community, cancer patients, individuals with genetic conditions, and also have even helped those men and women that are looking to postpone parenthood.

Understanding Timelines

It is important to understand the timeline for your IVF treatment. We will guide you through every step.

Comprehending Costs

Our financial consultant is here for you throughout your treatment to make sure you understand all costs associated with your treatment.

Fertility Consultation

During your initial consultation with our experts, you will be able to understand how to start your parenthood journey.

Financial Programs

We offer different financial options for our patients.