Third Party Reproduction

Third Party Reproduction

Some couples or individuals will need help from a third party (egg donor, sperm donor or gestational surrogates) to successfully achieve pregnancy and create a family. RMA of Southern California is here to help.

Donor eggs are an option for patients who have complications with ovaries, including egg quality or quantity, or for women who have a family history of genetic disorders. When facing sperm abnormalities, or for women who wish to have children without a male partner, therapeutic donor sperm insemination (TDI) offers a solution. Gestational surrogates are women who carry pregnancies for others who cannot do so on their own due to a variety of medical complications.

Donor Egg Recipient

An egg donation requires the eggs from a healthy woman usually under the age of 30 who must complete an extensive screening process established by the American society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM). Donor eggs allow women who struggle with impaired ovarian function or poor egg production to have successful pregnancies.

Gestational Surrogacy

A Surrogate is a woman who has delivered a baby without complications and who wants to become pregnant and carry a child for another woman. Qualifying to become a surrogate requires strict testing and exam by one of our physicians. At RMA of Southern California, our physicians approach the surrogacy program with only the highest level of patient support and medical expertise possible.

Donor Sperm

Therapeutic donor sperm insemination (TDI) is one of the most effective fertility treatments, particularly helpful to male patients with no sperm production or single women who wish to have a baby without a male partner. TDI can also be used for lesbian couples who want to start families. Whenever a patient receives a sperm donation, they are able to screen potential donors to find the best fit for them.