Are you a Persian Jewish woman and thinking about fertility? Join us August 14 in Santa Monica!

Infertility Persian Jewish event

If you’re anything like the thousands of Persian Jewish women living in Los Angeles, you might be thinking about your fertility.

The reasons could vary: you’re in your early 30s and haven’t met the one, leading you to consider freezing your eggs. You’re putting your career first, and aren’t even thinking of children, but want to preserve your fertility for when you are ready. You are married, and have been trying, but can’t seem to get pregnant. Or you’re worried about passing a genetic condition to your child, and are thinking about IVF.

But just because you’re thinking about fertility doesn’t mean you can talk about it openly, especially with the cultural pressures in the community to start a family when you’re young. Wouldn’t it be nice to open up about fertility?

Now you can. You’re invited to an intimate evening of fertility and genetic counseling especially for Persian Jewish women in Los Angeles, where you can have all your questions about fertility answered by a fertility doctor in a private, comfortable setting.

Join Reproductive Medicine Associates of Southern California (RMA of SoCal) reproductive endocrinologist Ellen Goldstein on Tuesday, August 14 at 7:30 pm at a private residence in Santa Monica for ‘A Family in Your Future,’ a discussion about a woman’s reproductive potential, egg freezing, infertility, IVF and how to deal with genetic conditions and pregnancy.

“I’ll talk about what is a normal menstrual cycle, when to see a fertility doctor, how the egg freezing process works, and about ovarian reserve,” Dr. Goldstein said. “It promises to be a special and informative evening.”

Dr. Goldstein will give the presentation – and Q+A – at a special event put on by the Chaya Community, a sacred space for women to connect deeply, share their unique purpose and grow alongside each other. In addition to Dr. Goldstein, licensed certified genetic counselor Jessica Kianmahd will also present on genetics and fertility. Both medical professionals have a deep knowledge not only of fertility science, but the Persian Jewish community in Los Angeles, of which they are a part.

Women interested in attending the evening – which will include snacks, dessert and tea, along with the creation of ‘menstrual cycle bracelets’ that help women better understand their menstrual cycles and track ovulation – should RSVP by emailing or sending $18 to @chaya_community on Venmo. Once you RSVP, you will receive information about the location of the event, being held at a private residence in Santa Monica.

The event is open to all women seeking insight and guidance on reproductive health and fertility, and we hope to see you there!