Refund Programs

Refund Guarantee Programs

Infertility treatment can be a difficult road for many hopeful parents, and RMASoCal is dedicated to patient success and innovative applications of reproductive medicine. The core of the RMASoCal IVF refund program is to ease the financial stress and worry facing many of our patients.

Ultimately, RMASoCal will work with hopeful parents to create financial programs that will enable families to pursue IVF and alternative fertility treatments should our solutions prove unsuccessful. Our IVF refund program shows our patients that although we consistently pursue success in every infertility case we take, we are willing to share in the risk of failure facing every one of our patients.

In addition to our personal financing program, we are also pleased to announce a medication refund package offered through Schraft’s 2.0 Pharmacy. Schraft’s is one of the leading fertility pharmacies in the U.S., and is now offering Reproductive Medicine Associates of Southern California (RMASoCal) patients a 100% refund program on all medications.

To learn more about our refund programs, please send us a email or call our office to speak with one of our financial counselors at 424-293-8841.

Speak to your RMASoCal physician about whether or not a refund program is right for you, or make an appointment by clicking below.