Author: Tom Kim

male infertility


Male factor infertility accounts for about half of all infertility cases. Doctors have identified several main factors that can play a role in causing male infertility: sperm issues, anatomical barriers, and immune system disorders. Dr. Thomas Kim, who practices at Reproductive Medicine Associates of Southern California (RMA SoCal) in West Los Angeles, explains these factors […]

military IVF discount

RMA SoCal Announces IVF Discount Program for Military Families

Reproductive Medicine Associates of Southern California (RMA SoCal) is committed to supporting members of the U.S. Armed Forces, which is why the practice has launched a military discount program that offers active members of the military struggling with infertility a 30 per cent discount on In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) services. As a U.S. Navy veteran, […]

Egg freezing in Los Angeles

Egg Freezing in Los Angeles

Amy is a 31-year-old financial advisor working in downtown Los Angeles and living in Atwater Village. Her career is finally taking off, and she doesn’t have much time to date. But while she’s not trying to get pregnant right now, she is trying to preserve her fertility – through egg freezing. Many women in Los […]

infertility doctor surgery

My fertility doctor recommended surgery – now what?

If you’re undergoing fertility care, it’s possible your fertility doctor may have noticed something concerning during a routine visit and may have recommended you have surgery, such as a hysteroscopy or a laparoscopy, to correct the issue. That may seem scary, and you might be frantically searching the internet to see what those procedures entail. […]