Financial Programs

Financial Programs

Due to limited infertility insurance coverage in California, we understand the claims process is often stressful and sometimes confusing, also the financial considerations may be an important part of your infertility care. Our Financial team is here to help, they will answer your questions regarding the costs of the treatment, Insurance coverage. We can also offer advice for alternative financing options for treatments or services that are not covered by your current insurance plan, or if you are in need of financial assistance.

Our team is available to discuss the various options and payment plans with you at any time. For more information, call our finance team 424.293.8841.

All patients will be able to take advantage of all Pharmacy promotions across the board. One of the Financial Options we used was United Medical Credit and they allowed the patients to obtain a separate loan for the pharmacy as well.

For more information, call our finance team 424.293.8841

Attain® IVF Programs

Attain® IVF offer several treatment plans for a single, discounted fee. These programs increase your chances of success, and there are two options available:

Multi-Cycle Program

This includes up to four IVF cycles (two fresh and two frozen), and the single, discounted fee is about 30% less than paying for the same treatment plan on a cycle-by-cycle billing format. This method is available to all patients with a physician recommendation for IVF and who plan to use their own eggs.

Attain IVF Refund

This plan includes up to six IVF cycles (three fresh and three frozen) and includes a refund guarantee if the treatment is unsuccessful. The refund offers 70% of the fee if you are using your own eggs, and up to 100% if you use donor eggs. You’ll need to meet various medical criteria to participate in the Attain IVF Refund Program.

If you have further questions or require additional information, you can call Attain Customer Care directly at 886-968-7483 or visit

If you’d like more information about RMASoCal’s fertility financing options, please contact us today.