egg freezing seminar

Join Dr. Kay Green’s Egg Freezing Seminar in Los Angeles

Advances in reproductive medicine like egg freezing have given women of this generation a remarkable opportunity to preserve their fertility. With the ability to freeze eggs, women are able to extend their peak fertility and place family-building on hold until they’re ready to have children. With more women pursuing their education and careers, coupled with […]

egg freezing seminar

Free Egg Freezing Seminar in Los Angeles

Curious about egg freezing? Get all your most pressing questions answered on May 30th at RMA of Southern California’s free egg freezing seminar! RMA of Southern California’s Dr. Katherine Green will explain everything there is to know about egg freezing, also known as fertility preservation. Dr. Green will go over questions like: What is egg […]


Acupuncture for Fertility – Here’s What You Need to Know

For centuries, acupuncture has been used in Eastern medicine to balance the flow of energy, known as “chi”, in one’s body. A useful method of incorporating holistic health, acupuncture has been found to alleviate pain, reduce stress, and influence reproductive health. At RMA of Southern California, we often recommend that patients complement our medical approach […]

ivf clinical trials

IVF Clinical Trials in Los Angeles

Reproductive Medicine Associates (RMA) has been a pioneer in fertility science for decades. With an unwavering commitment to improving patient outcomes in assisted reproduction, our global network of providers and scientists consistently strive to advance the field through new research. A relentless focus on research throughout the years has allowed the RMA network of fertility […]

LGBTQ family building

LGBTQ Family-Building Options

According to new research, a growing number of LGBTQ people are interested in building their families, and many of those that do will turn to assisted reproduction to help them. At Reproductive Medicine Associates of Southern California, a leading fertility clinic located in West L.A., we help members of the LGBTQ community take control of […]