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RMA of SoCal Doctor Reviews The Vaginal Microbiome’s Link To Disease And Infertility

Reproductive Medicine Associates of Southern California’s Dr. Katherine Green has published a noteworthy scientific review on the vaginal microbiome’s effects on reproductive health in the Fertility and Sterility journal. In her review, Dr. Green discusses the vaginal microbiome (the bacteria that colonizes the vagina) and how it relates to different infections, diseases, and even infertility. […]

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Does your insurance provider offer infertility coverage? Here’s how to find a plan that works for you

Seeking infertility treatment in Los Angeles can be a stressful experience. Because the California infertility mandate is minimal, many insurance providers don’t cover infertility coverage. The only requirement in the mandate is that health insurance providers must offer at least one policy that includes infertility coverage, and make that plan available to everyone without discrimination. […]

Egg freezing in Los Angeles

Egg Freezing in Los Angeles

Amy is a 31-year-old financial advisor working in downtown Los Angeles and living in Atwater Village. Her career is finally taking off, and she doesn’t have much time to date. But while she’s not trying to get pregnant right now, she is trying to preserve her fertility – through egg freezing. Many women in Los […]

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If you’re trying to get pregnant, or are having trouble staying pregnant, fertility testing can be overwhelming to think about. FSH, AMH, LH – there are so many acronyms to infertility. What does it all mean? Dr. Katherine Green from Reproductive Medicine Associates of Southern California, here in our Los Angeles office, shares some insight about what […]