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What’s causing my infertility?

Wanting to know exactly why you can’t get pregnant is a natural desire, and usually, there is a reason for your infertility. While unexplained infertility exists – where a cause can’t be pinpointed – most cases of infertility are identifiable and treatable by a reproductive endocrinologist. There are four elements to your fertility, and each […]

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40th Anniversary of IVF

I remember hearing about the birth of the first test tube baby in 1978 as if it was a plot of a science fiction in a remote world. As I look back over the last 3 decades, I can’t help but feeling awestruck about how fast things have progressed in the field of Reproductive Medicine. […]

40 Years of IVF: A Look Back into the Future

Thirteen minutes before midnight on July 25, 1978, several hundred miles outside of London, a baby girl was born. Her name was Louise Brown, and she was the first person born through IVF. Wednesday is her 40th birthday. Since 1978, about 8 million babies have been born around the world through IVF and other assisted […]

Lifestyle modifications with diet and nutrition for fertility

Fertility and Diet – What’s the Beef?

If you’re trying to get pregnant, whether naturally or through IVF, you’re probably pretty open to lifestyle modifications that can improve your chances, right? Then consider food, exercise and mindfulness as three ways you can boost your fertility, because science has shown you can do just that. And don’t forget about balance – while eating […]